Get Crafty in the Magic City

August 30, 2016

Calling all craft beer fanatics! Birmingham’s craft beer scene has blossomed in the last couple of years. Not only are they serving a variety of excellent Ale’s, but they are doubling as concert venues, yoga studios, painting classes, acrobatic aerobic studios etc…We basically live in a little Austin, TX, keeping the weird in and around the magic city! Check out the list below for local breweries and a couple events you should consider attending!


avondale brewery birmingham

Located on the corner of 41st St. and 2nd Avenue South, you will find Avondale Brewing Company. Beers they’re best known for are the Spring street Saison and Mrs. Fancy. But, we recommenced hanging out on a pretty day and enjoying some live music and getting a flight so you can sample from a Kolsch to a Coffee Oatmeal Stout and all that’s between. That way you can pick you’re favorite! The indoor/ outdoor brew house brings some real musical heaters to the magic city as well. Check out their schedule for live music and events here!


cahaba brewery birmingham

Built in a renovated warehouse off 5th Avenue South, you will find Cahaba Brewing Company. They are really putting the “rev” in Revive Birmingham. Starting with the renovation of their new location for the Brewery and Taproom, they are also making a name for themselves featuring new local food trucks and up and coming local artist performances. They even have Brewhouse Yoga on Sundays and Fortunate Son Trivia on their Taco Tuesdays. Need we say more?


trim tab brewing co. birmingham

Trim Tab by definition is an object located on the back of a boat that provides lift in order to compensate for changes. Trim Tab Brewing Co. has done just that, elevating craft beer and what all this magic city offers while utilizing their brew house as a vehicle for embracing change. From music, to hanging from their ceiling for aerial yoga, paints and pints classes to attending their monthly Saturday event called The Happening, this particular brewery is quite the gym. Located off of Lakeview on 5th Avenue South. Be sure to stop in and try a flight for the full spectrum of beers offered and step out of your comfort zone for a night of entertainment at their next Happening event. Their full calendar of events can be found here.


good people brewery birmingham

Calling all you Good People! This brewery is located across from Regions Field in downtown Birmingham has been a local staple since the beginning of craft beer brewing. Good People Brewing Co. is no exception to serving up ale’s and experience, they have a weekly yoga class, Happy Hour Yoga. $10 gets you a beer and an hour worth of yoga with an excellent instructor. They also have been known to book quite the musical talent. Check out their full events page here. They welcome all the baseball attendee’s with open arms serving up some of their heaviest hitters, such as the Good People IPA and Bearded Lady. Both of which we recommend you trying out.

So now that you have the down low on all the local brew houses and events they host, you have no excuse not to give that new Honda a spin and get a little weird!